Maninee De is doing Dreamiyata’s two shows Dalchini and Udaariyaan! 

Maninee De is currently leading a very busy professional life as she can be seen as  Rajrani in Udaariyaan, and as baby bua in Dalchini produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Entertainment. The actress who has appeared in over 40 TV shows shared that trolls no longer affect her when she plays an antagonist on-screen.
“Earlier, I used to get affected by trolling, but now my perception has changed 180 degrees. I see it as every abuse given to me or every bad comment, unless it gets personal, is like an award for me. I perform so beautifully, and I’m such an effortless actor that people appreciate me in this negative avatar. I look at it from a holistic perspective. It doesn’t affect me unless it gets very personal,” she said.

Sharing her views on shows taking a leap and the pressure the new cast faces, she said, “They do face challenges, but I think it’s crucial to understand that this is the nature of the game, and you have to adapt and assimilate. Also, understand the structure as you enter, the protocols, and the dynamics. I joined the show from day one, so it wasn’t like I was there right from the inception. I did not face it and about the leap you need to get context about your character.”

“You need to understand the story’s present state, moving the new story forward. Essentially, you have to do everything in your capacity as an actor to create something of value, something that gets people invested and engaged with your show. Apart from that, the story is about the hero,” she added.

But even if her character graph changes, it’s easy for Maninee to adapt to it. “It’s just that you need to make me understand why I am doing what I am doing. So, I question things in a long way. I need to understand the character’s arc, where she is going, and her motivations. I am a very adaptable person,” she added.

And she is able to switch from her character in “Dalchini” to that of “Udaariyan”, as soon as she leaves the set. She added, “When I go to ‘Udaariyan’, I suddenly become somebody else. And when I come to ‘Dalchini’, I’m somebody else. So I’m very good at transitioning. That’s a skill set.”

So how do you manage doing two daily soaps? “I only work for 12 hours. Within those 12 hours, I have tons of scenes on both the sets. I think I’ve just been very blessed. Also, I’m a very spirited person, extremely driven, and a workaholic. I love my work. It never tires me unless it’s a very cold day or a very hot day or too much to remember, too much to speak. But, I find fun in every place. I find my joy. I create joy. I don’t wait or expect others to do that for me,” Maninee ended.

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