klavya Sood opens up about being part of web series Singhania v/s Singhania

Eklavya Sood dives into his experience with the web series Singhania v/s Singhania, expressing his genuine affection for the project. Portraying the character of Harsh, he finds himself immersed in a world of evolving chemistry and dynamic relationships.

“There are certainly some parallels between Harsh and myself,” Eklavya reflects. “One notable similarity is our approach to love. When Harsh falls, he falls hard—head over heels, no holds barred. Despite his own agenda, his childlike sincerity leads him to prioritize love above all else. It’s like he lives by the motto ‘When in love, go all in.’ This aspect resonates with me personally. However, the contrasts between us are what truly make the role both challenging and enjoyable.”

He continues, “Harsh is a whirlwind of energy, brimming with childlike enthusiasm and a hint of immaturity. He’s got his fair share of shades of grey, much like we all do in real life. Yet, navigating through those nuances and embracing the character’s complexities is where the real fun begins.”

Reflecting on the challenges encountered during filming, Eklavya shares, “Once I had a handle on the character’s essence, the real test came with the unpredictable nature of the format. The journey of my character wasn’t laid out from the start; instead, it unfolds with each new script. Adapting to this fluidity posed its own set of challenges, but it also injected a sense of excitement into the process. Additionally, infusing the character with layers of ‘grey’ over time required careful consideration and ongoing exploration.”

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