Anuj Kohli on being part of Do Dooni 4 Films’s  Dahej Daasi!

Negative, toxic, and intriguing…this is how actor Anuj Kohli describes his role in the show Dahej Dassi. The show that airs on Nazara TV has been produced by Do Dooni 4 Films’ Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat.

Talking about the title and his character on the show, he says, “This is a title that adds to your intrigue. The title stands out remarkably, instantly grabbing attention, which is paramount in our industry. My character embodies a profoundly negative persona, a quintessential example of toxicity. Drawing from my past experiences of portraying antagonists, it felt like a familiar journey. However, the show’s writing is refreshingly innovative, allowing me to explore new dimensions of artistic expression,” he says.

He adds, “In terms of personal connection, I’m quite the opposite of my character, making the premise somewhat foreign to me. Yet, that contrast enriches the experience of playing this role. The concept, vibe, and setting appealed to me from the outset, challenging me to do justice to the character and the show. As for the attire, it exudes a rich Rajasthani essence, elevating the entire experience.”

Ask him how he prepared for the show, and he says, “Preparation is an ongoing process for us, and coming from a theatrical background, I’ve drawn extensively from that arsenal to breathe life into this character.”

Meanwhile, the actor says that the realism portrayed in the show will help people connect to the storyline. “Undoubtedly, relatability is key in television. Realistic content tends to strike a chord with audiences, drawing them deeper into our narrative. Almost every Indian family has its share of discord, which I believe audiences will relate to through the havoc caused by my character. I’ve endeavoured to portray the character naturally, considering my physique and other aspects, which I hope will resonate with viewers,” he says.

Talking about working with the creators of the show, Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat, he says, “They’re absolute gems to work with—highly professional yet treating us actors like friends. This dynamism fosters a sense of freedom for artists, allowing us to perform at our best.”

He adds, “I envision the show soaring to the top. Its unique concept—materializing a human into the form of a Dahej Daasi—and its rich Rajasthani cultural portrayal are highly appealing. I believe audiences will thoroughly enjoy this unexplored narrative terrain.”

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